All forms of acquisition, asset and share sales, corporate structures, agreements, negotiations, due diligence, and disclosure

Private equity and debt, shareholder agreements, negotiations, deal structuring

High net-worth individuals (HNWI), ultra-high net-worth individuals (UHNWI), commercial contracts, legal support for households, legal case management, dealing with suppliers, service providers, educational institutions

Agency, distribution and franchise agreements, purchase and supply contracts, NDAs, confidentiality agreements, website T&Cs, service and outsourcing agreements, data protection, license, assignment, novation agreements

Corporate structures, investment documentation, negotiations, finding investors, financing

Licensing, trademark registration, patents, copyright advice, design rights, and passing off.

Contentious negotiations, settlement negotiations, statutory demands, dealing with debtors, dealing with creditors, pre-action letters, draft claims, introduction to litigation solicitors, instructing barristers, mediation, claim management

Third-party advisors’ management and coordination, costs review and analysis, referrals and recommendations

Representing HNWI/UNHWI, legal support for family offices, succession planning, personal asset management

Business and personal immigration, transfer of employees, resettlement support, and bespoke immigration solutions for businesses and families.