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We are a group of enthusiastic lawyers who are keen to fill the gaps in the legal services market from 2009 while operating at the intersection of mature and emerging markets with different risk management cultures.

We love to take an idea and turn it into a legal structure that is attractive and reliable for entrepreneurs and investors.

We work with investors and those seeking funds, banks, and HNWIs, established companies, and startups. We can help to make your business from scratch in the UK or work with your expansion into Dubai. We can park your money in Austria or help invest it in Cyprus.

We work with colleagues from Switzerland and the US, Monaco, and Mauritius, Lebanon and Lithuania, Serbia, and Ukraine. The world has shrunk and we are there to hold it. We are FjM.

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Roman Filatov, Solicitor, Managing Partner, FjM

The main issue with legal advice these days is its impersonal nature. People have personal doctors and tax advisors, barbers, and builders, but when it comes to lawyers seem to get lost in the options and end up with someone who doesn’t particularly care.

We are seeking to overturn that. We have created a one-stop shop, where if we cannot help, we will find you someone who can and, moreover, make sure they help and help correctly. In short, we want to become the only lawyers you will ever need.

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